1 Gang 1 Way Switch

Brand: SQ
Max. OP. Current(Amp): 10A
Max. OP. Voltage: 250V


  • Maximum operating Current (Amp): 10A
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 250V

Common Specification:

  • Flame Retardant & pure Poly Carbonate(PC) Plastic.
  • Modern Design with Glossy Finish.
  • Unique button design for easy operation.
  • Contacts made of Silver cadmium oxide(Agcdo) which has a good performance against electric arc and melt weld.
  • Metal parts are made of high conductive Copper alloys.
  • Radium Indicator.
  • Fixing Screws are invisible and covered with insulated plate, so no possibility to get shock.
  • Above 41,000 times ON/Off capacity.
  • Supplied with two screws M3.5 for BS boxes.
  • User convenient.


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