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» Bell Push Switch
Brand: SQ
Max. Operating. Current(Amp): 10A
Max. Operating Voltage: 250 VAC

SQ Premium Range
Where style and elegance are paramount importances, the SQ Screwless range delivers a sleek, polished appearance
while maintaining the highest standards of functionality.

  • Conform to BS EN 60669-1
  • Material: FR Virgin Polycarbonate
  • Dimension: 86.5X86.5 mm (1 gang)
  • Supplied with 2 screws M3.5 for BS Boxes in individual poly pack
  • Available Color:
    1. While
    2. Off While
    3. Golden
    4. Silver
  • Bell Push Switch
  • Maximum opetaring Current (Amp): 10A
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 250V
  • Life: 10 years guarantee
  • Email: info@sq-bd.com
  • Phone: +88 01755-661166
  • Facebook: f/sqgroupbd